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Cecilia Hyoun

Motion Picture Editors Guild

Diversity Committee

Women's Steering Committee

Pan Pacific and Asian Steering Committee, Chair

ACE Diversity Mentorship 2017-2020


Ms. Hyoun first fell in love with storytelling as a teenager, performing on stage in Washington, DC at the John F. Kennedy Center. Though she loved the theater, it was the process of telling a story that enchanted her more than performing. She made the decision then to find her way behind the scenes where stories are processed and final drafts are made - in the edit bay.

Ms. Hyoun is most proud of her work editing the Director's Cut of Almost Famous with Oscar winner Cameron Crowe. When the Blu-Ray was released, the studio told Mr. Crowe only one version would be made and he chose The Bootleg Cut, the extended version Ms. Hyoun edited with an additional 30+ minutes woven throughout the Oscar winner's semi-autobiographical classic film.

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